Experimental Python bindings for dar



On this page, you can find information about the Python bindings for dar. There is a need for these bindings because hubackup is just to difficult to develop without them.

Where does it come from

The bindings are based on the bindings from darbinding.sourceforge.net. A couple of bugs and build errors have been fixed.


Nicely built packages

Here is a complete set built with pbuilder, so the packages are reasonably nice.
Again, you only need the libdar64-4 and the dar-python package

You can also have a look at the wiki page about these bindings.

Hacked packages

Please don't install these packages here, they were just hacked.
You only need libdar64-4_2.3.0-5-mb1_i386.deb and dar-python_2.3.0-5-mb1_i386.deb for the python support